Welcome to the Mental Health Support Network

Community of Peers Built with Compassion and Reciprocity!

The Mental Health Support Network is a group designed to help people with mental health labels and/or challenges live happier and more fulfilling lives. Members within the group pledge to help each other and themselves at the same time. This group will inspire people to reach their individual goals with the shared support and encouragement. Sharing, caring and open, honest communication are key to the success of this group and its members.

The Mental Health Support Network (MHSN) is a charity created on April 1, 2016. MHSN is operating with the same mission, visions, goals, and principles which were previously developed by the not-for-profit named: Mental Health Peer Support Organization (MHPSO) and the grassroots community by the name of The New Mental Health Movement since December 2010. The programs and services offered since January 2011, have supported thousands of individuals and families who struggle with mental health challenges.

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