Get Involved!

Get involved in MHSN by joining one of our committees!

Social Committee

If you enjoy planning, hosting, or even attending fun socials and want to learn more, the Social Committee is the place to be! We want to give MHSN/DbE members a chance to make the community their own by collaborating together to create fun, accessible events for all, and creating deeper, meaningful connections!

Here’s a short list of successful past events held by the Social Committee: Book Club, Summer BBQ, Games Night, Karaoke, Walk in High Park, Summer Potluck AND MORE…

TO GET INVOLVED: Email the Social Committee at

Fundraising Committee

Want to help MHSN to grow and promote it in your community? Or maybe help us get some much-needed funds so the group grows and the events get bigger and better? You can, in the Fundraising Committee! If fundraising, social media, in-person promo and telling everyone about the importance and awesomeness of MHSN are your things, this is the committee for you!

TO GET INVOLVED: Email the Fundraising Committee at

Facilitation Committee

If you believe the best way for you to give back to the MHSN community is by providing the same excellent kind of peer support you received, consider joining the Facilitation Committee/Team. Be part of something meaningful in the role of Peer Facilitator for the MHSN support groups.

TO GET INVOLVED: Talk to Robert, MHSN Founder or email him at

Administration Committee

If staying behind the scenes is more your thing, the Administration Committee might be for you! You can use your skills in responding to emails, creating and updating Meetup events, developing internal and external documents and facilitating communication between all the committees!

TO LEARN MORE: Talk to Rob, the MHSN Founder or email him at

For any general questions about getting involved in MHPSO, always feel free to get in touch with us via our regular email at